Terms and Conditions

These general conditions apply to all our rental and sales contracts regardless of any other conditions or customs of the customer. We will not take into account any clause to the contrary that is not explicitly agreed upon and confirmed by LA FABRIQUE 22A in writing when accepting the order.

Rental of equipment and sale of goods

The customer is responsible for the applicability and compatibility of the materials or goods with his purpose.

The taking in charge of the material or goods means the total acceptance of the present general conditions and the possible particular conditions fixed at the time of the order as well as the offer of LA FABRIQUE 22A ;

The customer acknowledges having received the equipment complete and in perfect working order.

All delivery dates are approximate. 22A MANUFACTURING COMPANY is not responsible for any delays or non-delivery of the material or goods, regardless of the cause. The material can be exchanged within a reasonable time or the invoice for the contract in question can be credited pro rata.

Orders or adaptations of orders placed and prepared outside of business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-6pm) may be accepted if possible and subject to a budget allocation based on the time and effort required, with a minimum of €50.

All costs and risks of any transport are to be borne by the customer.


The customer is responsible for checking the hardware before use. He is entirely responsible for the settings in the customer menu of the equipment. If the customer is assisted by LA FABRIQUE 22A during

The customer is responsible for checking the hardware before use. He is entirely responsible for the settings in the customer menu of the equipment. If the customer is assisted by LA FABRIQUE 22A during the testing or use of the equipment, he remains equally and solely responsible. LA FABRIQUE 22A is not responsible for any advice or recommendations unless they are confirmed by LA FABRIQUE 22A in writing.

The customer must ensure that the material is handled by qualified personnel only by following the technical application manuals correctly. The customer remains at all times responsible for his representatives, employees and other persons in the vicinity of the material. The drivers must be in possession of the necessary driving license for at least 3 years.

When ordering, the customer provides complete and binding information. Concerning the periods of use, transport, prelight, preparations. Any changes must be communicated to us immediately. Extensions are subject to adjustment of the rental budget.

In the event of breakage, damage or loss of equipment, the rental period is extended until the equipment is repaired, returned or replaced by equivalent equipment. The additional rental to be paid by the client cannot exceed ten times the rental price per week for this equipment.

The cancellation of a confirmed rental can only be done if LA FABRIQUE 22A has not yet made any financial or organizational effort for the rental and this at least 7 days before the date of the scheduled pick-up or test. Otherwise, the rental will be invoiced according to the order.

In the event of a defect or malfunction of the equipment, (through no fault of the customer in any direct or indirect way) LA FABRIQUE 22A will repair or replace the equipment within a reasonable period of time provided that the equipment is returned to LA FABRIQUE 22A with all costs and risks borne by the customer. The rental fee does not decrease in case of malfunction. LA FABRIQUE 22A declines all responsibility. This type of situation does not give any right to direct or indirect compensation or interest.

The hirer is forbidden to make any repair or attempt to make any repair or other modification to the rented equipment, as well as in the ‘service’ menu of the equipment. Otherwise, the client will be held responsible for any malfunction of the equipment during and after the rental period as well as for any direct or indirect damage caused.

The lessee shall use and store the leased property with due care and attention and shall protect it at all times from any risks or perils.

The renter agrees to reimburse the full cost of repurchase, replacement, repair in case of loss, theft, damage of the rented equipment. LA FABRIQUE 22A can never be held responsible for any loss, cost, damage, lost production time, reshoot, post-production costs or other costs incurred by the client or third parties related to the rental regardless of the fact caused by LA FABRIQUE 22A (error, defective equipment, negligence…)

The customer shall be responsible for any third-party claims for copyrights.

Upon completion of a project with material supplied in whole or in part by LA FABRIQUE 22A, the client will recognize LA FABRIQUE 22A as the supplier and agrees to the use of the images, posters or logos for promotional purposes of LA FABRIQUE 22A without notice.

Sale of goods

The ownership of the goods sold by LA FABRIQUE 22A S.A. will only be transferred to the customer after payment of the outstanding balances. The customer is solely responsible for any risk to the material upon collection. LA FABRIQUE 22A is not responsible for the quality of the goods sold. A possible manufacturer’s warranty can be passed on to the customer. Cancellation of a confirmed purchase is not possible unless confirmed by LA FABRIQUE 22A in writing.


Our invoices are payable upon collection unless otherwise approved in writing. In case of late payment, the sums due will automatically and without prior notice bear interest of 1% per month from their due date, and will be increased by a conventional indemnity fixed at 10% with a minimum of 50€ of the sums due as compensation for the damage suffered, distinct from the simple delay. In addition, LA FABRIQUE 22A reserves the right to cancel any contact (current and future) of the customer.

In case of severe default, the discounts and any commercial gestures granted will be cancelled a posteriori. The payment to LA FABRIQUE 22A does not depend in any way on the payment of a third party to the customer.

LA FABRIQUE 22A may at its discretion and without any reason offer and cancel discounts, favorable payment terms and commercial gestures.

The Belgian VAT of 21% is due on our invoices. If a European customer is in possession of a valid VAT number for intra-community transactions, VAT may be due in the country of origin according to European tax legislation art 21§2. The customer is responsible for the contextual validity of the VAT number provided. If a VAT number is rejected by the Belgian tax authorities, the invoice will be increased by 21% without warning.


The customer is required to take out insurance:

  • Covering any risk caused to the customer or third parties by the material.
  • All risks for equipment rented and transported or used outside Belgium.
  • Covering the civil liability of its employees, technicians and third parties with respect to the rented equipment.

LA FABRIQUE 22A declines all responsibility in case of loss, theft or damage to any material placed under surveillance on our premises or in our vehicles. General

All complaints must be received within 8 days of receipt of the invoice. Any complaint after this period is without value. In case of dispute, only the courts of Brussels are competent.

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